How To Setup Netgear Router Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: –

Connect the cables in the following ways.

Make sure the internet light usually indicated with a globe or planet on the modem is green or in its original state. If so, connect the provided Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the modem to the WAN port (Internet Port) of the Netgear Router and then connect the Router to the Computer using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using credentials provides at the bottom of the router.

Netgear Router Setup Diagram

Step 2: –

Power Cycle Devices

Turn of the modem and the router, leave them off for complete 2 minutes. Make sure the lights are turned off. In case the modem is battery enabled press the ON / OFF button on the modem. Then turn on both the devices.

Step 3: –

Netgear Genie

It can be accessed by using I.P. address or   and setup password and security question on the same page. Proceed with next options by clicking on “DO YOU WANT NETGEAR GENIE TO HELP YOU SETUP “for basic users and “SETUP BY YOURSELF” for advanced users. Once you see “CONGRATULATIONS SETUP SUCCESSFUL”

Registering your product ensures that you get the warranty for the product in case of any hardware failure. Netgear support 

After these steps you should be connected to an Internet and your product is ready for use

Firmware Upgrade

Reason for upgrading the firmware is to install new security updates, new G.U.I. (GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE) updates which make using the router safer and convenient by enhancing the user interface. Latest updates include bug fixes which make the product more reliable.


How to Upgrade Firmware

Step 1: –

You would be needing to open a web browser and open the router page using your I.P. address ( or would be the default I.P. address ) or and the page would be asking you to enter the Username and Password created at the time of router setup

Step 2: –

Click on advanced options on your screen and then go to option saying Administrator Settings.

Under Administrator Settings, an option would appear saying Upgrade Router.

Step 3: –

There an option appears “CHECK FOR UPDATES.”

From there the router would be downloading the firmware automatically Netgear Support

For advanced users, there is an option to update the firmware manually by downloading the firmware from and upload it at the place provided.

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