Netgear R7000 Password Recovery Not Working

Netgear Router R7000 Password Recovery Not Working When you purchase a new Netgear router it is configured to default settings by the time of manufacturing. As a new user, you need to configure the Netgear router according to your Internet Service Provider and some settings vary from user type and age. We all as daily consumer of internet face most basic issues with all types of routers and modems and that is router password reset and password recovery.

Netgear Password Recovery

Whenever we configure the router for the first time we need to set up the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and key (password) for the Netgear router. As we all know sometimes we have to share the Wi-Fi password with someone for some time. There are options in the Netgear router to set up a temporary or you can say secondary Wi-Fi SSID and password in which can control the approach and speed of the internet. But I request even you are using the new feature to create a guest Wi-Fi hotspot to share internet with others you don’t trust. You need to reset the password. Netgear R7000 Password Recovery Not Working This will also disallow the hackers and techy guys to breach into your history and personal data that is stored as a cache in your Netgear router. Now I will provide you with steps to recover the Wi-Fi password of Netgear router and you can use the same steps to reset the Extender Wi-Fi password reset. All information I am going to provide you is also available on Netgear official support page but I am going to split down these steps into simple and easy steps so you can easily recover the Netgear Wi-Fi password by yourself. R7000 Password Recovery Not Working of Netgear Router  If you need assistance in any issues regarding the Netgear password setup and password recovery. You can call on NETGEAR’s Team at Toll-Free +1-844-854-6817 Netgear extender setup

Netgear Router R7000 Password Recovery Not Working

Netgear R7000 Password Recovery Not Working
Netgear R7000 Password Recovery Not Working

Easy Step by Step Instructions to Recover Netgear Router and Extender Password:

  1. Open the web browser in your computer which is connected to your Netgear ‘s Wi-Fi router.
  2. Copy and paste this URL in your web browser and hit enter.
  3. There you will a page where you have to enter the netgear’s login username and password
  4. Note: by default username and password to login into your Netgear’s Router is written on the backside of the router. If you face issues at router login page you can call at Toll-Free +1-844-854-6817
  5. Put the router username and password
    • The username is “admin” and the default password is “password”
  6. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password.
  7. Type the old or default password and set the new one. I suggest password must be of min 8 characters which include numeric, alphabets and special characters like *&.
  8. To be able to recover your password in the future, select the Enable Password Recovery check box.
  9. Click the Apply button. Netgear Support
  10. Netgear R7000 Password Recovery Not Working


If you need Netgear’s expert support. You can contact at Toll-Free Number

Call Now +1-844-854-6817



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